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Ford Excursion High Center of Gravity & Instability 

Ford Excursion Rollover Accidents


Instability / High Center of Gravity


In 1994, SUVs had rollover rates nearly double that of passenger cars.  As the years passed, the number of SUV fatalities kept increasing and in 2004 reached 7,235.  In studies conducted by Ford, the Excursion's manufacturer, 50% of the fatalities in SUVs and light trucks were shown to have occurred during rollover accidents. Narrow, high-profile vehicles like the Excursion are simply less stable than cars, and rollovers are bound to happen.


Ford's own safety engineers recommended that the company take steps to reduce the instance of rollover injuries and fatalities by installing as standard equipment a stability control system that can prevent such accidents from occurring in the first place.  Unfortunately, Ford executives chose not to do so in the Excursion.  "Electronic stability control," a feature government studies show eliminates 8 out of 10 fatal rollovers in SUVs, has been called the best safety feature to come out since the seat belt.  It is a computerized system that uses sensors to compare where a driver intends the vehicle to travel with the vehicle's actual motion.  The system will apply the brakes to individual wheels to keep the vehicle in control and keep it traveling down the driver's intended path.  In 1994, Ford assigned a team to develop electronic stability control for SUVs, but Ford canceled the project the next year as part of a cost-saving program. Ford chose instead to develop electronic stability control only for luxury cars and European sedans, vehicles that did not have the stability problems associated with SUVs.


Even without including electronic stability control in the Excursion's design, many rollovers in this SUV could have been prevented by improving the vehicle's geometric stability.  A wider track width and lower center of gravity would have made the Excursion far less likely to roll over.


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